Tekmovanje Air Cargo Challenge

The Air Cargo Challenge is an aeronautical engineering competition that is held in Europe every two years.

This competition was held for the first time in 2003 and it was founded by a group of Aerospace students in Lisbon. The competition is primarily directed to aeronautical and aerospace engineering students, similarly to the north-American Design/Build/Fly.

The main objective is to design and build a radio-controlled aircraft that is able to fly with the highest possible payload according with the rules established in the competition regulations, which vary in each edition. The team's score is not only given by the performance demonstrated in the flight competition part, but also by the technical quality of the project, through the evaluation of the design report and drawings.

The event´s first edition (ACC'03) was organized by the APAE (Portuguese Association of Aeronautics and Space), an aerospace group from Instituto Superior Técnico. From the ACC'07 onwards, the competition grew to an international level under the umbrella of EUROAVIA, the European Association of Aerospace Students, and the winning team got the possibility of organizing the next edition. The ACC of 2011 was held in the University of Stuttgart, August 2011, organized by the AKAModell Stuttgart together with the EUROAVIA Stuttgart. The Universidade da Beira Interior was the winner of this edition, thus it took place in Portugal. Again, the Team from Stuttgart won this Edition, and got the organization responsibility. The last edition of ACC took place in 2017 in Zagreb. The last competition started end of 2018. The competition took place in Stuttgart 12.-17. August 2019. The next competition will be held in Munich in the summer of 2021. (Starting summer 2020)


ACC 2021 - München, Nemčija

Študentska skupina AkaModell ki je zmagala na ACC19, je pričela z organizacijo naslednjega tekmovanja. Več informacij na njihovi uradni spletni strani.


ACC 2019 - Stuttgart, Nemčija

V letu 2019 je ACC tekmovanje potekalo v Stuttgartu. Naslednje tekmovanje bo organizirano leta 2021 v Münchnu.


ACC 2017 - Zagreb, Hrvaška

Ogled tekmovanja