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Mihael Debevec, PhD

Assistant, researcher

Department for manufacturing technologies and systems
Laboratory for handling, assembly and pneumatics

Phone: +386 1 4771 725

Fax: +386 1 2518 567



Assistant for the subjects:

1st Cycle Academic Study Programme: Handling of materials and resources (3072)
2nd Cycle Master's Study Programme: Assembly and handling systems (6226)
2nd Cycle Master's Study Programme: Assembly and handling systems (6226) – ERASMUS+
2nd Cycle Master's Study Programme: Optimization of manufacturing processes (6223)


Scientific/research and project work

Work on different research projects mainly focused on industry implementation. The main topics are:
  • 2D and 3D simulation of manufacturing processes
  • Logistics in manufacturing systems and processes
  • Robotic simulation and implementation
  • Advanced grippers in automation
  • Robotic simulation and implementation
  • Integration of digital twins to manufacturing process with connections to informational systems
  • Manufacturing layout optimisation
  • Automatization of manufacturing processes in manufacturing systems
  • Identification and tracking in manufacturing systems
  • Automation of parts orienting and feeding

Work on several R&D domestic and international projects in the field of basic, applied / developmental and especially industrial research in Slovenia, Austria, Serbia. He is active mainly in the fields of development of advanced simulation models of the production process within the scope of project tasks for industry.


Research fields

Industry 4.0: Development of simulation models for implementation in smart factory, managing the flow of data between information systems and simulation models and within simulation models, digital twins and simulation models in manufacturing.

Pneumatics: Automation of handling and assembly processes, use of pneumatic and hydraulic drives in advanced handling and assembly systems, low cost intelligent automation (LCIA).





Laboratorij LASIM