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Miha Pipan, PhD

Assistant, researcher

Department for manufacturing technologies and systems
Laboratory for handling, assembly and pneumatics
Phone: +386 1 4771 797



Assistant for the subjects:
1st Cycle Professional Study Programme: Production engineering (2054)
1st Cycle Academic Study Programme: Assembly (3071)

Scientific/research and project work

Work on different research projects mainly focused on industry implementation. The main topics are:
  • Industry 4.0 and its data structures
  • Implementation of VA and AR technologies in manufacturing systems
  • 3D simulation of manufacturing processes
  • Machine vision
  • Robotic simulation and implementation
  • Advanced robotic grippers
  • Control algorithms for pneumatic
  • Integration of digital twins to manufacturing process with connections to MES and ERP systems
  • Manufacturing layout optimisation
  • Manual assembly graphical guiding programs generated from 3D models and connected to MES systems

Research fields

Industry 4.0: Development of edge computing approaches for implementation of Plug&Produce manufacturing nodes to smart factory manufacturing and IT structure with emphasis on communication protocols, connectivity to legacy devices and digital twins.

Pneumatics: Position and force control of pneumatic activators that have nonlinear characteristics (pneumatic artificial muscle) with fast switching valves and advanced control techniques.

Laboratorij LASIM