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Current news

Looking for a new job in creative UL FS LASIM team as project manager, please find detail information: Call for new position.

20.11.2019 Professor Niko Herakovič receives the prestigious Puh Prize for outstanding achievements in the field of industrial robotic technology

3.11.2020 Lasim published website for Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) named "Digital Innovation Hub for Digital Twins of Logistics Systems and Manufacturing Processes and Systems (DIH-DiTMaPS).


STAGE - New Initiative Unlocks Opportunities for European Companies To Shape a New Wave of Sustainable Economic Growth

The laboratory for Handling, Assembly and Pneumatics (LASIM laboratory) is participating as an important partner in a three-year EUROPEAN project entitled STAGE – NEW INITIATIVE UNLOCKS OPPORTUNITIES FOR EUROPEAN COMPANIES TO SHAPE A NEW WAVE OF SUSTAINABLE ECONOMIC GROWTH. The STAGE ecosystem, carried out under the Horizon program and the European Commission, brings together 14 leading organizations from 12 countries. With the support of the European Commission, the STAGE project will create a unique education and innovation ecosystem focused on the sustainable transformation of industrial companies, especially SMEs, into global leader, agile and environmentally friendly.

The initiative unites experts from a wide range of fields, including manufacturing, process engineering, and business modelling, finance, and sustainability strategy. In the coming months, the STAGE partners with an extensive network of sustainability centres, will:


✔ Provide innovation and sustainability assessments to thousands of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and help them create roadmaps with action steps to achieve sustainability goals.
✔ Train hundreds of Sustainability Advisors and engage them in a strong and supportive sustainability transition ecosystem.
✔ Deliver in-depth industrial training to hundreds of selected SMEs to build their sustainability transition plans (ST plans).
✔ Offer financial incentives (vouchers) to SMEs to access tailored advisory services and financial support for implementing the ST plans.
✔ Facilitate investments to SMEs with the highest potential making them the European industrial economy leaders.

The research group of the Laboratory for Handling, Assembly and Pneumatics plays a leading role in the “Industrial Innovation and Sustainability Support” working group. The main objective is to develop a new innovative approach of decentralized business support and a new relevant education and consulting program for SMEs and Sustainable Advisors.


Link to project webpage:

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Promotional video SMART FACTORY LASIM

Main activities of the laboratory

In addition to pedagogic, which is the education of students at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, we are closely connected with the industrial partners for whom we conduct education workshops related to our R&D field. We have successfully accomplished several industrial projects, which are also the results of the student diploma thesis.  




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