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Current news

26.3.2024 STAGE: Third open call for grant funding under The STAGE Financial Grant Programme

27.10.2023 STAGE: First Open Call for Grants - Deadline extended

20.11.2019 Professor Niko Herakovič receives the prestigious Puh Prize for outstanding achievements in the field of industrial robotic technology

3.11.2020 Lasim published website for Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) named "Digital Innovation Hub for Digital Twins of Logistics Systems and Manufacturing Processes and Systems (DIH-DiTMaPS).


STAGE project

New call on sustainability financial support opens on 7 December

Small and medium-sized enterprises can receive up to €50,000 grantsImage for Article

The STAGE Financial Grant Programme has launched the second grant call for supporting EU climate and environmental strategic goals.

Similarly to our previous call, STAGE has made €50,000 in funding and hands-on advisory support available for enterprises to develop investment concepts on innovation and zero waste economy.

Grants will be distributed in different funding stages and will be spent by companies to:  

✔ Prepare an investment project plan (modernization and technological innovation, automatization, digitalization, implementation of renewable energy or circular economy models, etc.);

✔ Pay for additional services needed for the investment plan preparation (feasibility study, technology audit, data collection and analysis of carbon footprint assessment, prototyping, pilot testing and demonstration, business process adaptation, support for use of testing facilities, other specialized consulting and coaching services related to the preparation of the investment plan)

STAGE is a unique support mechanism, co-funded by the European Commission, helping enterprises with sustainability reporting and investment readiness.

The current call will stay open until 7 February 2024. Applicants from across the EU plus countries  associated to Horizon Europe are eligible to apply.  

This grant will allow beneficiaries to act on their needs related to developing investment plans in support of their sustainable future. 

Applying for the funding is simple. Companies first need to register on the STAGE platform and then complete the first step – Initial Assessment – an easy to use tool that analyses an organization's performance in different ESG aspects, as well as its level of innovation. After that companies need to go to the Application section of the platform and follow the instructions to participate.

For the chosen beneficiaries the offer includes dedicated advisory support, pushing a project idea one step closer to being matched with either private or public investors.  

Sustainability Advisors play a crucial role in this process, providing expert guidance to companies for developing their investment plans and these experts can also benefit from the current open call.

Important: Funding should be spent on services provided only by Sustainability Advisors, who are part of the STAGE eco-system and are registered on the platform. 

For more information you can visit The STAGE Financial grant scheme section:

Program STAGE Sustainability Transition je zdaj odprt!

V ambicioznem prizadevanju za spodbujanje trajnosti in podporo zelenim pobudam je program STAGE objavil razpis, ki vabi podjetja k sodelovanju v edinstvenem trajnostnem prehodu. Ta pobuda, namenjena industrijskim podjetjem, ponuja namensko podporo za preoblikovanje podjetij v konkurenčna in trajnostno vodilna podjetja v evropski industrijski skupnosti.

The STAGE Sustainability Transition Programme is Now Open!  

In an ambitious effort to promote sustainability and support green initiatives, the STAGE Programme has announced the launch of a recruitment call for companies, inviting businesses to participate in a unique sustainability transition ecosystem. Aimed at industrial enterprises, this initiative offers dedicated support to transform companies into competitive and sustainable leaders within the European industrial community. 

The STAGE Programme offers a multitude of benefits to businesses keen on making a sustainable impact. Companies that join this transformative journey can expect: 

1. Sustainability Assessments: All companies are eligible to use the STAGE assessment tools for free! This includes an Initial Assessment that evaluates a company’s operations in a range of social, innovation, governance, environment, and economic aspects, and provides them with a Scorecard outlining areas for improvement. Further, an in-depth Performance Аssessment will be available to collect more details on product engineering, industry 4.0, production sustainability, and business strategy. A Carbon Footprint Assessment tool to calculate harmful emissions and EU Taxonomy Assessment will also be at the disposal of all participants. 

2. Sustainability Training Courses: businesses can freely partake in training modules designed exclusively for the STAGE platform. These resources help enhance knowledge in specific sustainability areas. Participants can access open-source Decentralised Training Courses and attend online or in-person workshops, fostering valuable discussions and networking opportunities. 

3. Financial Grant Programme and Tailored Advisory: small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from EU member states or Horizon Europe-associated countries will also be eligible to apply for financial support. The STAGE Financial Grant Programme offers funding of up to 50,000 EUR per SME, distributed in two stages. This financial assistance facilitates the development of investment project plans and the acquisition of funds for sustainability transitions. A maximum of 100 SMEs will benefit from these grants, with specific selection criteria in place. Moreover, SMEs can access financial advisory support tools to analyze business needs, develop financial plans, and identify suitable financial instruments. The 20 SMEs displaying the highest potential will receive additional financial consultancy to attract private investment

All participating enterprises will be matched with one or more dedicated Sustainability Advisors based on their preferences and needs. These experts will guide companies during every step of their STAGE journey and help them develop their tailor-made Sustainability Transition Plans – the key document to apply for grant funding and become investment-ready.  

As the world continues to prioritise environmental consciousness, the STAGE Programme presents an unparalleled opportunity for businesses to make a positive impact on their sustainability journey. Regardless of a company's current status, this ecosystem provides the tools, resources, and guidance necessary to foster long-lasting, eco-conscious practices. 

For those interested in taking the leap towards sustainability, the STAGE Platform is now available for registration. Join and embark on the path of meaningful change in the global business landscape. Together, we can pave the way for a more environmentally conscious and prosperous future.

Join the STAGE Ecosystem: Become a Sustainability Advisor and Drive Green Transformation 

Are you a sustainability or a finance expert passionate about guiding companies on their green transformation journey? Do you aspire to make a significant impact in the realm of sustainability transition and investments? Then look no further! The STAGE platform is calling for dedicated Sustainability Advisors to join its unique ecosystem and support industrial enterprises in becoming leaders of the European green economy. 

The STAGE platform offers comprehensive support to companies aiming to embrace eco-friendly practices and at the same time boost their competitiveness. Sustainability Advisors play a crucial role in this process, providing expert guidance and unlocking the potential of businesses striving for sustainable growth. 

Within the STAGE ecosystem, Sustainability Advisors offer their expertise in various areas, including: 
1. Sustainability Transition: Experts proficient in product design, agile and green production, circular economy, recycling processes, waste management, renewable energy, energy efficiency, EU environmental standards, and sectorial competence. 
2. Finance: Professionals well-versed in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), corporate finance (e.g. deal advisory, transaction advisory, valuations), capital allocation, and financial resources for sustainability transition. 
As a STAGE Sustainability Advisor, you will enjoy a great share of benefits, including: 
1. Access to a European-Wide Supportive Ecosystem: Once approved, you will be part of a strong and supportive sustainability transition network, connecting you with new clients across Europe
2. Cutting-Edge Sustainability and Financial Assessment Tools: Gain free access to state-of-the-art assessment tools that address companies' sustainability transition needs, empowering you in your interactions with customers. 
3. Free Innovation and Sustainability Trainings: Enhance your skills and receive certification through complimentary participation in training sessions and workshops

4. Direct Involvement in the STAGE Financial Grant Programme: As a Sustainability Advisor, you will guide clients from a diverse pool of industrial SMEs through the STAGE process. Selected companies will utilise the STAGE Financial Grant Programme to pay for the expert services they receive from advisors. 

Sustainability Advisors are encouraged to bring European industrial SMEs from their own networks to benefit from STAGE support. By doing so, you will be automatically matched with your partner, elevating your relationship to the next stage of collaboration. 

Don't miss this chance to be part of an influential sustainability transition ecosystem and drive green transformation across European industries. The STAGE platform eagerly awaits dedicated Sustainability Advisors ready to make a lasting impact on the global green landscape. Benefit from shared resources and connect with your next client on the road to a greener and more sustainable future!  

Register today!  

New Initiative Unlocks Opportunities for European Companies To Shape a New Wave of Sustainable Economic Growth

The laboratory for Handling, Assembly and Pneumatics (LASIM laboratory) is participating as an important partner in a three-year EUROPEAN project entitled STAGE – NEW INITIATIVE UNLOCKS OPPORTUNITIES FOR EUROPEAN COMPANIES TO SHAPE A NEW WAVE OF SUSTAINABLE ECONOMIC GROWTH. The STAGE ecosystem, carried out under the Horizon program and the European Commission, brings together 14 leading organizations from 12 countries. With the support of the European Commission, the STAGE project will create a unique education and innovation ecosystem focused on the sustainable transformation of industrial companies, especially SMEs, into global leader, agile and environmentally friendly.

The initiative unites experts from a wide range of fields, including manufacturing, process engineering, and business modelling, finance, and sustainability strategy. In the coming months, the STAGE partners with an extensive network of sustainability centres, will:


✔ Provide innovation and sustainability assessments to thousands of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and help them create roadmaps with action steps to achieve sustainability goals.
✔ Train hundreds of Sustainability Advisors and engage them in a strong and supportive sustainability transition ecosystem.
✔ Deliver in-depth industrial training to hundreds of selected SMEs to build their sustainability transition plans (ST plans).
✔ Offer financial incentives (vouchers) to SMEs to access tailored advisory services and financial support for implementing the ST plans.
✔ Facilitate investments to SMEs with the highest potential making them the European industrial economy leaders.

The research group of the Laboratory for Handling, Assembly and Pneumatics plays a leading role in the “Industrial Innovation and Sustainability Support” working group. The main objective is to develop a new innovative approach of decentralized business support and a new relevant education and consulting program for SMEs and Sustainable Advisors.


Link to project webpage:

Slika3  Slika4




   INNO2MARE project will strengthen the capacity for excellence of Western Slovenian and Adriatic Croatian innovation ecosystems through a set of jointly designed and implemented actions that will support the digital and green transitions of the maritime and connected industries.


Croatia and Slovenia are neighbours and among Europe’s smaller countries located along the Adriatic sea. In this context, the EU-funded INNO2MARE project will support the digital and green transitions in western Slovenian and Adriatic Croatian innovation ecosystems. In all the project activities, the two ecosystems will strongly benefit from the sharing of best practices of the Flemish innovation ecosystem, one of the most developed maritime innovation ecosystems globally. The project will contribute to reducing the innovation divide in Europe by systematically connecting the innovation actors within and between the ecosystems and creating synergies in R&I investments’ planning and execution, thus developing a true innovation culture.

We will implement three R&I pilot projects that address the key challenges related to maritime.

  1. Improved fire evacuation VR model of a ship engine room.
  2. Digital twin of hybrid hydrogen systems supported by AI for sustainable and efficient energy conversion and management for distributed networks
  3. Autonomous shipping technology supported by AI.




Main target groups

Policy makers
Academic institutions
Business actors
R&I personnel, Professionals in R&I intensive domains, seafarers
Entrepreneurs & leaders
Ecosystems’ citizens
Customers and end users
Local and regional innovation ecosystems in Widening countries and beyond


EN-Funded by the EU-PANTONE 
Funded by the European Union under the Horizon Europe Grant N°101087348


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Main activities of the laboratory

In addition to pedagogic, which is the education of students at the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, we are closely connected with the industrial partners for whom we conduct education workshops related to our R&D field. We have successfully accomplished several industrial projects, which are also the results of the student diploma thesis.  




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