Development Evaluations

RV osnovnimodeli

Basic reliability models

  • Characteristic functions of reliability
  • Reliability models
  • The bathtub curve
RV zanesljivost

Reliability of systems

  • Types of configurations (serial, parallel, combined, complex)
  • Methods for solving different types of configurations
  • State-dependent systems (Markov analysis)
RV fizikalnimodeli

Physical reliability models

  • Covariate models
  • Static models
  • Dynamic models
RV vrednotenje

Design for reliability

  • Reliability allocation
  • Failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA)
  • Fault tree analysis (FTA)
RV vzdrzevalnost


  • Characteristic functions of maintainability
  • Maintainability models
  • Types of maintenance (reactive, preventive, predictive)
  • Design for maintainability
RV razpolozljivost


  • Types of availability
  • Availability models
  • Availability of systems



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