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' 10. december 2018'
Kategorija: English

Dear students,

here are the results of 1st partial exam (midterm). The exam can be seen on Wednesday 12.12.2018 at 19:00 (after exercises).


' 30. november 2018'
Kategorija: English

Dear student, the 1st midterm for the object Productronic and Forming systems will be on 5th of December in classroom III/3A (the same classroom as for the lectures) at 16:00. The content will be focused on first six lectures uploaded on the web site LASIM: The content of the lecture No. 6 includes slides from 1 to 23 (the dynamic characteristics of the valve is not included). The typical questions related to the 1st midterm will be uploaded on LASIM web page. If there is any questions related to the content of the 1st midterm please don't hesitate to ask (send me an e-mail: ). If you wish we can arrange one more short lecture (up 1 hr) on Monday 3.12.2018 till 11 AM (classroom S-II/78), the topic will be the content of the 1st midterm). Have a nice day; dr. Marko Simic.

' 16. november 2018'
Kategorija: English

Dear students, I am sending you the results of the 1st exam (1st group of exercises) related to the exercises. RESULTS


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