Production systems

Lean and agile

Value stream mapping, project management, concurrent engineering, agile management.

Modelling and simulation

Modelling, artificial intelligence, digital twins, multi-agent systems.

Shared manufacturing

Cloud manufacturing, blockchain.

Industrial internet of things

Material flow management, machine-to-machine communication.


Mobile robotics

Fleet management, reinforcement learning.

Collaborative robotics

Flexible teleoperation based on IMUs.

Medical applications

Adaptive robot control for laser therapies.

Educational robotics

Robotic competitions and custom-made educational robots.

Computer vision


Quality control

Vision systems for 100% quality control.

Deep learning

Deep neural networks for anomaly detection.

3D scanning systems

Tailor-made 3D scanning systems for industrial and robotic applications.

Medical applications

Remote photopletizmography, medical 3D scanners.

Automation and AI

Mechatronic systems

Tailor-made mechatronic systems.

Reinforcement learning

Reinforcement learning for process control.


Adaptive control algorithms.

Artificial intelligence

Remaining useful life prediction, product classification.