Toward a sustainable educational engineer archetype through Industry 4.0

A new product development model for SMEs : introducing agility to the plan-driven concurrent product development approach

An intelligent agent-based architecture for resilient digital twins in manufacturing

Reinforcement-learning-based route generation for heavy-traffic autonomous mobile robot systems

A wearable IMU system for flexible teleoperation of a collaborative industrial robot

Performance evaluation of rPPG approaches with and without the region-of-interest localization step

A procedure for the introduction of leanness into a company

How to successfully introduce concurrent engineering into new product development?

Analysis and prevention of weld crater cracking in circumferential laser microwelding of automotive pressure sensors

Selection of the most suitable material handling system in production

In-process path replanning and online layer height control through deposition arc current for gas metal arc based additive manufacturing

Condition based maintenance of the two-beam laser welding in high volume manufacturing of piezoelectric pressure sensor

Scalable framework for blockchain-based shared manufacturing

Implementing concurrent engineering and QFD method to achieve realization of sustainable project

Mapping industry 4.0 enabling technologies into united nations sustainability development goals

Standard project risk analysis approach

Real-time order dispatching for a fleet of autonomous mobile robots using multi-agent reinforcement learning

Agile-concurrent hybrid : a framework for concurrent product development using scrum

Modeling of insulation paper damage in the assembly of a solid slot winding

WAAM system with interpass temperature control and forced cooling for near-net-shape printing of small metal components

Advancing manufacturing systems with big-data analytics : a conceptual framework

Simulation of cost driven value stream mapping

Feasibility of assessing ultra-short-term pulse rate variability from video recordings

A cyber-physical approach to the management and control of manufacturing systems

Adopting agile project management practices in non-software SMEs : a case study of a slovenian medium-sized manufacturing company

Methodology for searching representative elements

Portfolio analysis of a lean six sigma production process

Energy efficient communication based on self-organisation of IoT devices for material flow tracking

A max-plus algebra approach for generating a non-delay schedule

Proposal and development of web-based programming educational system with error analysis and visualization

Design of an innovative advanced gastric simulator

Optical probing for CNC machining of large parts made from fiber-reinforced polymer composite materials

Neural network programming in Python

An overview of arc welding control systems

Distributed control with rationally bounded agents in cyber-physical production systems

Identifying the business and social networks in the domain of production by merging the data from heterogeneous internet sources

A wavelet-based decomposition method for a robust extraction of pulse rate from video recordings

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