Machine tool calibrator

HP/Agilent 5529A dynamic calibrator

The HP/Agilent 5529A dynamic calibrator is a laser interferometry based calibration system for measurement of machine tool positioning and accuracy. It is used to correct machine positioning errors, diagnose geometry problems, and document machine performance. It has environmental and material temperature compensation. For linear distances up to 40m and speeds up to 0.7m/s measurement accuracy is 10nm. For angle measurement accuracy is ±0.2% with 0.05 arc-second resolution and ±20° range.

• Linear, Angular, and Angular Position
• Straightness, Squareness, and Parallelism
• Way Straightness and Flatness
• Timebase – Linear and Angular

• NMTBA, VDI 3441/2617,
• ANSI B5.54/B5.57,
• BSI 3800, ISO 230-2 1997,
• JIS 136192, and GB 10931-89