Industry application (Knauf insulation)
Test rig for high-cycle fatigue of materials (SCHENCK)
Student project SKIDCAR
The official handover of the MTS system
REBMIX algorithm
Demonstration devices
Stairs of floating platform on river Ljubljanica
Industry application (Donit Tesnit)
Whiplash test simulation
Industry application (Hella Saturnus Slovenia)
Simulation of luggage impact
MTS servo-hydraulic test system
Module for predicting the lifetime of thermomechanical loaded structures in commercial package LMS VirtualLab
Simulation and testing of air springs
Student project Student roadster

About us

Chair of Machine elements and R&D evaluation (CMER&DE) operates on three main areas:

  • Education
    • Transfering knowledge to new generations of students in the form of lectures, exercises,
      seminar papers and practical training.
    • Bachelor and master's degree mentorship.
    • Doctoral studies mentorship.
  • Research and development
    • Basic research in the field of fatigue, thermo-mechanical fatigue, fatigue life prediction methods,
      modeling of fatigue damage of metallic and non-metallic materials.
    • Development of statistical models.
    • Development of material models.
  • Services
    • Design and execution of tensile, low-cycle and high-cycle uniaxial tests.
    • Advanced engineering simulations using finite element methods.
    • Design of measuring sensors, conducting measurements of mechanical quantities and design
      of dedicated testing machines.

Contact Us

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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
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1000 Ljubljana

Secretary KSERV: +386 1 4771 412

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