Effectiveness of products

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Product design

  • Innovative solutions with a TRIZ method
  • Systematic search of solutions for technical problems
  • Prism of TRIZ and scientific effects
  • Contradiction matrix
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Advanced product evaluation

  • Functionality
  • Production oriented design
  • Numerical evaluation
  • Experimental evaluation
  • Load states
  • Stress-strain states
  • Planning development evaluations
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Advanced product reliability

  • Dynamically loaded products
  • Reliability testing
  • Accelerated life testing
  • Reliability growth
  • Analytical models of reliability growth
  • Probabilistic reliability assessment
  • Weibull probability density as a basis for reliability predictions



Lecture notes


Brief summary of basic concepts

R & D process


Functionality and produceability


Experimental R&D evaluations


Conditions and criteria

Practical notes

Šeruga D., Klemenc J.: Effectiveness of products, practical notes (in Slovene), Ljubljana 2015


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