9th CIRP International Workshop on Modeling of Machining Operations
May 11-12, 2006
BLED, Slovenia


List of accepted abstracts:




1Ahmed N., Stoll A., Leopold J., Mitrofanov A.V., Silberschmidt V. Influence of ultrasonically assisted cutting on burr formation
2Arrazola P.-J., Pujana J., Villar A., Ugarte D., Aguirre A., Gallego I., Le Maître F. Finite element modeling of oblique cutting
3Aurich J. C., Sudermann H., Bil H. 3D finite element modelling of burr formation in grinding
4Bajić D., Špar I., Veža I. Mathematical modeling and optimization of surface roughness in turning process
5Brecher C., Witt S. Simulation of machine process interaction with flexible multi-body simulation
6Claudin C., Poulachon G., Lambertin M., Janosch J. J., Vecchi B., Gigé F. Adaptation of the drill geometry with the cutting forces, the tool life, and chip formation mechanisms
7Corduan N., Costes J.-P., Lapujoulade F. Experimental approach of milling stability of thin walled parts, comparison with time domain simulation
8Crolet A., Lambert-Campagne L., Costes J.-P., Barlier C., Bissey-Breton S. On the vibrations in superfinish turning operation
9Denkena B., Reichstein M., Köhler J. Influence of captured border on cutting forces in the turning processes
10Diéguez J.L., Ares J.E., Sebastián M.A., Marcos M. Factors of influence in the simultaneous optimization of the descriptive variables of the electro discharge machining
11Dobrzański L. A., Mikuła J., Gołombek K., Pakuła D., Kopač J., Soković M. Functional properties of PVD and CVD coated tool ceramics
12Emami M.M., Arezoo B. A virtual test bed implementation using the precision model of feed-drive system for the verification of command generators
13Filice L., Micari F., Umbrello D. Wear modelling in orthogonal cutting using coated tools
14Fortunato A., Mantega C., Donati L., Tani G. Milling force prediction by means of analytical and 3D FEM simulations
15Globočki - Lakić G., Nedić B., Ivković B., Golubović-Bugarski V., Čiča Dj. Possibility of determination of material machinability over tribological parameters by use of tribometer "Block on disk"
16Golubović-Bugarski V., Blagojević D., Globočki-Ladić G. Vibration measurement as a tool for machine diagnostics
17Gonzalo O., Peigne G., Gonzalez D. Thin-walled features high speed machining simulation
18Gradišek J., Friedrich R., Govekar E., Grabec I. A method for analysis of time series data in machining
19Grzesik W., Bartoszuk M., Jaskula A. Influence of heat flux configuration on the temperature distribution at the tool-chip interface
20Habak M., Lebrun J.-L., Huneau B., Germain G., Robert P. Effect of carbides and cutting parameters on chip morphology and cutting temperature during orthogonal hard turning of 100Cr6 bearing steel with a CBN cutting tool
21Hagenah H., Kohlbauer R. Application of fuzzy logic for process design in sheet metal hydroforming
22Hänle P., Hammer M., Gsänger D., Stolz Th., Schwenck M. Innovative cutting tools for machining powertrain materials
23Herrmann Praturlon A., Durante S., Gallino A., Comoglio M. High performance cutting in automotive and aerospace application
24Ho C. Y., Chen D. Y., Wen M. Y., Ho J. E. Heat transfer in the fusion zone during electron-beam welding
25Insperger T., Mann B. P., Edes B., Stépán G. The effect of runout on the chatter frequencies of milling process
26Jantunen, E. Indirect monitoring and diagnosis of drill wear
27Jrad M., Devillez A., Dudzinski D. Thermomechanical approach of drilling based on a CAD definition
28Julean D. A method for assessment of steels grindability
29Klocke F., Frank P. Simulation of tool wear in hard turning
30Klocke F., Lung D., Gerschwiler K., Risse K., Abouridouane M. 3D modeling and scaling effects in drilling
31Kokalj T., Mužič P., Grabec I., Govekar E. Modelling of laser pendant droplet formation and determination of laser pulse
32Krajnik P., Korošec M., Pušavec F., Kopač J. Neural-network-based simulation and empirical metamodelling of centreless grinding process
33Kuzinovski M., Trajcevski N., Fita S., Tomov M. Monitoring system in the experimental investigation of the temperature in the cutting process by machining with turning
34Long, Z. Wenxiang Z., Xibin W., Haochen W. Analysis on nonlinear cutting forces in high-speed face-milling of difficult-to-machining materials
35Lorentzon J., Järvstrat N. Tool wear geometry updating in Inconel 718 turning operations
36Lugscheider E., Bobzin A. K., Nickel R., Hurevich V. Theoretical study of the influence of a PVD coating on the stability of the micro drilling process
37Makarov V. F., Chigodaev N. E., Tokarev D. I. Optimization of cutting process at the high-speed broaching of gas-turbine engine parts
38Mankova I., Beno J., Markova G., Melcher M. Experimental modeling of cutting force, tool-wear and surface roughness when turning with ceramic inserts
39Mehmedović M., Ekinović S., Dolinšek S., Šarić E. Investigation of cutting tool influences on white layer formation for a turning process of hardened 16MnCr5 steel
40Okafor A. C., Aramalla S. Modeling cutting forces in high speed end-milling of titanium alloys using finite element analysis and mechanistic model
41Outeiro J. C. , Ee K. C., Dillon, Jr. O. W., Wanigaranthe P. C., Jawahir I. S. Some observations on comparing the modelled and measured residual stresses on the machined surface induced by orthogonal cutting of AISI 316L steel
42Özlü E., Budak E. Analytical prediction of stability limit in turning operations
43Pienkowski G., Krzyzanowski J., Maczka J. Modeling energy utilization during machining operations
44Potočnik P., Grabec I. Simulation of cutting stabilized by nonlinear model predictive control
45Ritou M., Garnier S., Furet B., Hascoet J.-Y. Estimation of cutter eccentricity for tool condition monitoring
46Rozman R., Govekar E., Grabec I. Modeling of plasma plume formation induced by a laser beam
47Sakakura M., Tsukamoto S., Fujiwara T., Inasaki I. 3D simulation of surface generation in grinding
48Salonitis K., Tsoukantas G., Stavropoulos P., Stournaras A., Chondros T., Chryssolouris G. Process forces modeling in grind-hardening
49Sánchez J. S., Rubio E., Álvarez M., Sebastián M. A., Cano M. J., Marcos M., Analysis of the parallelism deviation in the horizontal dry turning of UNS A97050 Al-Zn alloys
50Schermann T., Marsolek J., Schmidt C., Fleischer J. Aspects of the simulation of a cutting process with ABAQUS/Explicit including the interaction between the cutting process and the dynamic behavior of the machine tool
51Sims N. D., Turner M. S., Ridgway K. A model of milling dynamics using Matlab and Simulink
52Stoll A., Leopold J., Neugebauer R. Hybrid methods for analyzing burr formation in 2D-orthogonal cutting
53Szalai R., Mann B. P., Stépán G. Period-two and quasi-periodic vibrations of high-speed milling
54Thomas G., Hamdi H., Brosse A., Jay J., Rech J. Grinding temperature measurement by infrared thermography
55Todorov G., Romanov B., Kamberov K., Koychev M. Direct fastening components design and reliability parameters research
56Torres, Duduch, Jasinevicius The study of brittle materials grinding
57Tunc L. T., Budak E., Ozturk E. Optimization of 5-axis milling processes using process models
58Ullah A. M. M. Sh., Harib K. H., Aldajah S. On the roughness profile modeling using Q-sequence
59Umbrello D., Outeiro J. C., M'Saubi R. Modelling and validation of the residual stresses induced in machining AISI 316L steel
60Umer U., Xie L., Wang X. Modeling the effect of tool edge preparation by ALE method
61Uriarte L., Zatarain M., Bueno R., Gozalo O., Lopez de Lacalle L. N., Lamikiz A. Identification of the specific cutting force coefficients for the mechanistic modelling of the micro milling
62Weinert K., Enk D., Surmann T. Analysis of the cutting tool vibration while milling with changing engagement conditions for the verification of simulation systems
63Weinert K., Surmann T. Geometric model of the surface structure resulting from the dynamic milling process