Aškerčeva 6
SI-1000 Ljubljana

Contact Information

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Laboratory for Manufacturing Cybernetics and Experimentation

Key research topics

  • Quality, automation
  • Monitoring, diagnostics and prognostics of systems and processes
  • Advanced machine vision in quality and automation
  • Self-organisation of mechatronic systems
  • Bio-inspired



Services for industry and research cooperation

  • Development of vision systems for inspection of parts and for industrial automation. (Illumination, optics, cameras, laser scanners, image processing, OpenCV, CNN, data bases, remote monitoring and control).
  • Localization. Integration of vision systems with CNC and industrial robots.
  • Development of SCADA systems. Long range wireless communications.
  • Development of mechatronic systems. Services of mechatronic prototype workshop. CNC machining, sensors, actuators, PLC and uC programming, testing, data analysis.
  • CMM measurements.
  • Event based simulation of production systems.
  • Industrialization of IoT systems.


  • building CNC system,
  • industrial robot programming,
  • machine vision training,
  • SCADA systems,
  • long range wireless communication,
  • IoT.