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Laboratory for technical cybernetics, manufacturing systems, and computer technology

LAKOS is one of the oldest laboratories at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana. The laboratory was founded in 1972 by acad. prof. dr. Janez Peklenik whom many consider to be the founder of modern mechanical engineering at the University.

Since 1996, the laboratory was lead by prof. Peter Butala, who continued the tradition of his predecessor, and contributed to the theory of modern manufacturing systems.

Since December 2018, the head of the laboratory is Rok Vrabič, whose work continues on the foundations of his predecessors; focusing on the interplay between manufacturing systems, artificial intelligence, and robotics.


Key research topics

  • Artificial intelligence
    • Big data analytics
    • Reinforcement learning
  • Distributed control
    • Multi-agent systems
    • Complexity and emergence
  • Robotics
    • Autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs)
    • Open source robotics with Robot Operating System (ROS)


  1. 2018

    Head of LAKOS

    Rok Vrabič
  2. 1996

    Head of LAKOS

    Peter Butala
  3. 1972

    Founder of LAKOS

    Janez Peklenik