1 Jan 2010
31 Dec 2012

Collaborative platform for operations support of work systems – case of hydro power plants

A product-service system was introduced in the field of energy equipment. A new business model between customer and original equipment manufacturer was developed. To implement this model modules for monitoring, diagnostics, fault prediction and a collaborative platform for supporting operations and maintenance were introduced in hydro power plants.

Equipment condition monitoring data is stored locally on the data server in the hydro power plant, from there they are periodically copied to the data server in the virtual diagnostics center, where it is systematically analyzed using the machine learning techniques. The operational data and the results of the analyzes are accessible to all interested stakeholders, e.g. hydro power plant operator, the original equipment manufacturer, the provider of operations support and maintenance services. Through the online collaboration environment, operators and maintenance personnel can participate in the responsive detection, identification and resolution of anomalies.  Condition based maintenance activities are planned so that they have the least impact on the operation of the power plant and thus on electricity production.

A demonstration of the pilot system has been carried out in Lower Sava river hydro power plants.

Research partners: University Of Ljubljana / Faculty Of Mechanical Engineering Lakos, Litostroj Power, CKD Blansko Engineering,a.s., Communardo Software Gmbh, Schwingungs Diagnose Service Gmbh

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